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When Thunderbird used POP email it was very simple, but now with the newer IMAP type mail, things have changed. I now find all my mail on. Had facility to select all messages in Inbox and delete them, sending in Thunderbird so what method should be used to effectively select all.

Many old messages saved in Thunderbird are corrupted. Step 1: either delete all messages from TB or create a new, empty TB that just has. While Thunderbird is running and somebody emails me, those download right away. How is that mail account set up, as POP or IMAP? . Hello all are POP. I am running latest version of Thunderbird on a iMac with latest version. Email is a comcast POP account and also have email go to my iphone and ipad with. Empty the Inbox folder in Thunderbird by moving all messages to other folders POP/IMAP->POP Download section->select "Enable POP for all mail (even mail.

I'm trying to create a mail backup for a friend who uses Gmail only on the web. She uses Chrome and I see there is a backup app, but we.

Leaving your mail on the server can be helpful if you use Thunderbird on a main computer, or if you have multiple computer/email clients checking email for the same Note that this just applies to POP accounts – if you have set your email.

No matter the other email account types—IMAP or POP—and number, Mozilla Thunderbird can be set to collect inbox messages from them all in a single view. Learn how to make Mozilla Thunderbird show you email notifications, and even include a message preview, the sender's name, and the.


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